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  • Digital Sales GroupWorld’s fastest and most accurate platform

    In July of 2012, we implemented the fastest, next generation trading system. We also implemented the industry’s fastest mobile trading system (MTS) with fun and accurate contents. Now eBEST INVESTMENT & SECURITIES’s Digital Sales Group is closer to client than ever. Clients will not be left alone. Our Digital Sales Group will always listen to our clients and work together through obstacles. Based on the best trading system, we will find the optimal investment solution.

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    eBEST Pro eBEST ON
    From equities and derivatives,and to even global equities, our eBEST Pro HTSplatform is a well-rounded powerful system. eBEST ON is eBEST's next-generation MTSthat offers a variety of modes to providea personalized investment service environment
  • PB Sales GroupFocusing on clients’ successful investments

    eBEST INVESTMENT & SECURITIES’s PB Sales Group always thinks and operates in a different manner, always accessible for clients especially when investment decision is tough. The team consists of experts from various experiences in different fields; from investment consulting to asset management, detailed service on any special product, numerous seminars and educational programs, the team is built to fulfill special needs. In a difficult and frustrating atmosphere, there is always an expert from eBEST INVESTMENT & SECURITIES’s PB Sales Team with a solution.

  • Trading DivisionConducting management strategy with a synergy of experience and refinement

    Focusing on effective risk management, the Trading Division excels in profiting from all forms of stocks, fixed income, and domestic/foreign derivatives trading. Traders backed with more than 10-years of experience utilize creative strategies and trading techniques to maximize profitability while also minimizing risks

  • Global Sales GroupBest Partner in Global Investment

    Covering overseas equities and derivatives to domestic institutional and individual investors, our Global Sales Group is fastest growing business in our company. Aside from our top tier Global Equities Team, our Global Derivatives Team, has been on the spotlight for being the top broker in the market only after a year since its launch in 2010. eBEST INVESTMENT & SECURITIES’s Global Sales Team will continue to strive to be the top in the industry and provide a distinguished service to our clients.

    Institutional and Individual Investors -> E*TRADE Korea -> Foreign Partner -> Overeseas Exchange -> Foreign Partner -> E*TRADE Korea -> Institutional and Individual Investors

  • International Sales TeamGateway to KRX

    The International Sales Team’s skilled brokers offer foreign institutional investors exceptional service and support in a timely trade execution, in-depth Korean market research, and any other customizable support requested, covering derivatives, equities, and fixed income products. Our powerful order routing system employs a number of strategies like program trading and algorithm trading. Our data center provides redundancy and scalability to ensure the protection of your data. We have a direct connection to KRX over a high capacity, fiber optic pipelines designed to achieve the lowest possible latency. If you employ algorithmic trading strategies, you will find that eBEST INVESTMENT & SECURITIES’s brokers and trading systems provide the best environment to maximize your success potential in Korea.

  • Institutional Sales GroupBest investment solution for domestic institutional investors

    Offering brokerage services to domestic institutional investors on comprehensive list of products such as equities, fixed income, derivatives and other financial securities, Institutional Sales Group has continuously showed tremendous growth since its launch in 2009. With the recent collaboration with some of the industries’ top analysts in the Research Group, Institutional Sales Group is doing its uttermost to maximize its client’s profits.

    Institutional Investors -> E*TRADE Korea -> KRX , Institutional Investors

  • Institutional Client TeamBest choice for private placement agent in Korea

    We have been selling the beneficiary certificates and bonds such as MMF, funds, RP, CP, ABSTB to domestic institutional investors.
    On the other hand, we also take a role as a placement agent for global alternative asset managers (GPs). We selectively provide alternative investment vehicles (including private equity, private debt, real estate, infrastructure, and hedge fund) as customized high-quality solutions to domestic institutional investors according to the needs of each institution.
    After a successful fundraise, we continue to maintain a close relationship with GPs in order to support investor relations function to ensure investor communication continuity. Through this effort, we provide ongoing investor relations services to best position GPs for the next fundraise.

    Institutional Client Team

  • IB DivisionBringing the capital flow of your ambitions

    Ranging from market professionals equipped with various deal experience and successful strategy knowhow, market selling power with wide investor network, to corporate financing and investment, IB Division consist of experts eager to support clients providing undisputed and customized services. Through its strong and market-approved network and manpower, eBEST INVESTMENT & SECURITIES’s IB Division will lead corporate clients to competent investments.

    Smooth Investment for Corporation = Powerful Network & Man power + (Extensive Network , Investment & Brokerage Services , Successful strategy knowhow , Financing , Various deal experiences , Group Consulting Services)

  • Research Group Leading with impressive analysis and judgment in the midst of a moving market

    Research Group provides the optimal portfolio by representing the frontline of clients’ investment, forecasting market’s future prospects. Research Group is equipped with talented group of analysts with proven research strategies that make quick but well thought out judgment to deal with constantly moving markets and unforeseen company changes. Research analysts always look and think a step further for the bigger picture.

    Complex Analysis System + Youthful Thinking + Rational Decision + Ambitious & Challenging Strategy = Provide the Optimal portfolio